Sharing Presentations. Revolutionized.

Wow your customers with a sales presentation that looks like a web site.

What is slidle?

Slidle is a tool that converts your existing PowerPoint presentations into interactive web-based presentations. Based on an innovative methodology and backed up by latest neuroscience discoveries in how people perceive information online, it is the best tool on the market for spreading your ideas online

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Key benefits

Save time by reusing existing presentations...

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Fully Mobile Optimized

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Simplify exploration by rich navigation

Using it for what?

Company Presentations

Never again send a company presentation as a PDF. Impress your cosumers with one that looks like a web page.

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Speeches & Stories

After the stuning speech, don't let your idea die.

Send your audience an explorable web presentation, SEO & mobile optimized

Case Studies

Your case study does not need to be a boring article/document no one reads.

Present it as an engaging online story that truly engages the viewer and proves your credibility.

New Employee Induction

Don't bore your new employees in information overload.

Give them a Slidle to explore all they need about their role, remember it and act accordingly.



Upload your existing PowerPoint to Slidle

Slidle automaticlly builds a web presentation with rich menu navigation.


Add your explanatory notes

In this way your customers or audience can read your presentation without you begin there.


Share it privately or let it spread vitally

And track how your user interact with full analytics support.

Say things with colors and shapes, that you can't say any other way.

Slidle. Explore it.